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Android Tv Box

X96 Max+ 2GB+16GB


We have a number of X96 boxes on our website, while it may be confusing to choose which model will suit you, let us explain a little! The difference between the X96 range will be mostly down to the main Chip Set on the box, the RAM, and Memory. the X96 Max Plus range uses the […]

Android Tv Box

X96 Max Plus 4GB + 32GB


The difference between the X96 range will be mostly down to the main Chip Set on the box, the RAM, and Memory. the X96 Max Plus range uses the Amlogic S905X3 Chip Set and runs on the Android 9 platform, the X96 Max Plus Ultra range uses the Amlogic S905X4 Chip Set and runs on the […]

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Android Tv Box

Zoomtak King S22


This is one of Zoomtak's more premium and most powerful boxes to date. With 32gb of internal storage and 4gb of DDR4 RAM, and the Amlogic- S922X, ARM A73 chip. This box really is a powerhouse that will handle any task you throw at it.

BLuetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

T6 Mini – Black


Element T6 Mini is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with stunning 360° surround deep bass & clear sound, and 24 hours of playtime, which is perfect for outdoor gatherings, poolside or any other adventures.

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Best Android TV Boxes In Dublin, Cork & Ireland




Minix Android Tv Box

We Are Android TV Box Delivery

Proud to be originally founded in 1964 as John May Aerials and later John May Aerials and Satellite Systems, Now in 2018 all this technology and so much more are kept inside our amazing Android TV Boxes. We source all our quality products directly from the manufacturers which go through extensive testing and meet all EU fire and safety standards. These little devices transform your existing telly into the ultimate entertainment system and are also compatible with IPTV apps.

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smart tv box Dublin, CorkPrice Match Promise

When you buy your fabulous Android TV Box from us you can be assured that you are getting a superb and ultra-reliable market leading product. You can relax knowing that you have got the best deal in town too with our price match promise. And should you come across any kind of unforeseen glitch we can remotely log into your box and we’ll get you sorted quicker than the opening edits of your favourite movie. So what are you waiting for? The ultimate in entertainment enjoyment is ready to be delivered to your door.

kodi box

Android TV Next Day Delivery, Dublin, Cork & Ireland

We aim to provide the very best customer experience in terms of quality and technologically advanced products, unbeatable prices and the fastest delivery service you can count on. Android TV boxes for fast delivery in Dublin, Cork and Ireland. We aim to have every box delivered next day nationwide Monday to Friday straight to your door if ordered before 2pm. For customers ordering on weekends Sat-Sun you’ll have to be a little bit more patient but we’ll get your little box of joy to you within 2 to working days.

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Choosing Your Smart TV Box

Sometimes being spoilt for choice can be a bit of a headache and with Android Smart TV Boxes your options can seem endless. We want you to make the right choice to get the most out of your ‘Ultimate Entertainment Experience’ so our product range has been carefully selected to combine the most advanced technology with the very best value available. Whatever your requirements or budget, we’ve got the perfect box for you without having to reach for the aspirins! So which box is best for me?

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Plug It In And Sit Back

All you need to do is plug in the set top box choose your favourite apps or build, which fortunately is so easy to do any adult can accomplish the operation without any assistance from the youngest member of the family, and connect to the internet.

As long as your broadband connection can muster a stable and consistent speed of around 5Mb or more you’ll be instantly up, running and interfacing with existing online streaming websites. But the real big deal is that you now have access to every movie and television show ever made, sports, international content, and just about everything else imaginable.

watching tv

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Do you dream of one day being able to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience? Sounds pretty brilliant right, but expensive. Well, yes and no, actually it’s much more than just brilliant, it’s truly awesome and no, you don’t need to own a super yacht to afford it. In fact you already have it on your wall or in the corner of your living room. It’s that big flat black rectangular piece of furniture you call the telly.

The only thing missing to turn your existing goggle box into a superfast gateway to the most fabulous, jaw dropping, thrilling and exciting entertainment hub in the world is an Android Box. And the magical word for all this endless joy is simply ‘streaming’.


Amazing Content

To get some idea of all the amazing content and almost unlimited material you’ll have at your fingertips just think of all the things you can do on your smart phone or tablet, well now you can do them all on a proper sized screen. Congratulations, you are now the owner of a smart TV that you didn’t know you had.

All Android TV Box Delivery boxes are fully warranted, premium branded and utilise the very latest generation software to allow you easy access to over nearly two million ready and compatible Android applications via the pre-installed Google Play Store. This gives you an almost unlimited choice of multimedia options and the most innovative, fun filled and creative apps to install on your TV right away.



The miracle of your Android TV Box doesn’t stop with viewing ecstasy alone, remember your television can do virtually everything your mobile devices can which means you’ve got access to all your tunes as well. There are hundreds of music apps giving you the choice to sit back and relax, conduct or play your air guitar to every music genre that’s ever soothed, stimulated or deafened the human ear. Just imagine listening to your playlist through a decent soundbar or annoying the neighbours with your finest karaoke.



As your television is now on the internet through your Android TV Box you can also play to your heart’s content with access to game streaming apps to infinity and beyond. No more squinting over real time strategies or first person shooters as all the action is now on your big screen. You can load up your social media profile and see what’s going on with your friends, family and the people you follow and you’ll get notifications directly on your TV when you receive a new post, message or tag. You can also chat with your nearest and dearest across the world with Skype.

So what are you waiting for?


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