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Choosing the Right Android Smart TV Box

Choosing the Ideal Android Smart TV Box

Okay, you want all the thrills and brilliant entertainment experience of the latest generation Smart TVs but without the wallet draining expense. The simple answer is of course an Android TV box. It’s essentially a versatile set-top player and the most useful and intuitive way to enjoy digital media, stream live TV shows, play videos and music, browse your favourite websites and access on-demand content. The box connects your TV to the internet so you can download apps from the Play Store to give you any streaming content that takes your fancy. So what do you need to know before you buy one?

Some Does and Don’ts 

Searching for the ideal Android TV Box can be daunting with the options available seemingly endless. Here are some simple and straightforward guidelines to help you make the right choice. Don’t go for the cheapest that seems to offer unbelievable performance and features. If the deal seems too good to be true, it will be. Never buy anything unbranded. Do buy from an established reputable and experienced dealer with customer support and a no-quibble returns policy. Do buy from a dealer that supports product reviews and only stocks genuine brands that comply with electrical and fire regulations. Always buy safe, always buy sure.

How Easy is an Android Smart TV Box to Install?

An Android Smart TV box simply plugs in to your television and requires internet access to function. Most use a Wi-Fi connection, although they also have the capability of supporting an Ethernet cable if this is your preference. You will need a stable connection for broadband to ensure programmes that are streamed run smoothly, seamless and continuous. Most manufacturing companies advise speeds of approximately 3Mbps to stream SD content. If you want to stream in stunning high-definition. you will require broadband speeds which are nearer to 5Mbps and will also need a TV which is HD-ready. For the real tech-heads who want to stream in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD then you will require between 15 to 25Mbps to fire up that monster 4K screen.

How Easy Are they to use?

Once your Android TV box is plugged in and connected you’ll need to go through a set-up procedure, but don’t worry it’s very quick and simple. Just follow a few intuitive on-screen instructions and you’re ready to go. Your box comes with its own remote control which will usually have dedicated colour-keys to open Kodi, Android apps, media storage and your web browser. If you want to upgrade your user experience you can accessorize some boxes with a wireless gyroscopic air mouse for near perfect cursor and gaming control. A full keyboard also makes typing easy and comfortable. Check out a beginners guide on how to use an Android TV box.

Where is the best place to buy an Android TV Box?

Online is the short answer. Look for the specialist dealer that offers the very latest products and constantly updates its website. With this type of advanced technology there is always something new and exciting coming to the market. Specialist dealers carefully select and buy leading brands and will be able supply a comprehensive range of boxes at the most competitive prices. It’s easy to compare products and view their full technical spec and you can also check out model and service reviews. Look for price match promises, guarantees and free deliveries. If you have any queries you can always use their online Chat and social media for an instant and expert reply.

What Does an Android TV Box Cost?

Realistically they can cost as much as you want to pay. Whatever your requirements or budget, a specialist dealer will have the perfect Android TV box for you.

At the entry level there are some excellent value packed boxes that are ideal starter solutions. Brimming with technology they can deliver brilliant HD and 4K Ultra HD from as little as €75 to €100.

If you’re in the market for a little more performance or are looking to upgrade and enhance on your existing box’s speed and storage facilities, take a look at the latest mid-range offerings. Typically you can get some pretty serious kit from around €100 to €150.

And if you’re serious about stepping up to the high-end, you won’t be disappointed either. Stretch to a little over €150 and you can truly indulge yourself with the ultimate in speed, premium quality and an uncompromising techno-fest of features.