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A6 Security Camera


The app 'WeHome' is how to connect to this doorbell and view it's live feed on command. What this doorbell does is extremely helpful for people who aren't at home all the time and need a little addition of security. When someone rings your doorbell, it in turn calls your phone and once you answer, you get a live video feed from the doorbell showing who is at your door. To add to this, you can even speak into your phone and the audio comes through the doorbell, so you can speak to the guest and they can speak with you. No matter where you are, in the office or halfway across the world.



This doorbell by Chinese company Linkwil is one of the best in its area. With a pristine 1280*780 resolution camera with 4 infra-red LED's as far as three meters. The massive 5000mAh Li battery lasting 4-8 months really stands out as one of the better options in comparison to it's competitors.